Zellen White Modelling Paste 250ml

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Zellen White Modelling Paste 250ml


Zellen White Modelling Paste is a versatile medium used for modeling, building surfaces, and creating texture in artworks. Here are the key features and uses of this modelling paste:


  1. Smooth White Paste: Zellen White Modelling Paste has a smooth texture and comes in white color.

  2. Flexible and Opaque Relief Texture: When dried, the paste forms a flexible, opaque relief texture on the surface, adding depth and dimension to the artwork.

  3. No Shrinking or Cracking: The modelling paste is formulated to dry without shrinking or cracking, ensuring the integrity of the artwork over time.

  4. Tinting with Acrylic Paint: The paste can be tint by adding acrylic paint to achieve different effects. However, adding white paste will lighten the color of the paint.

  5. Tools for Molding and Texturing: A variety of tools can be used to mold, sculpt, or create textures with the modelling paste. Plastic palette knives are great for using with stencils, while paint scrapers can create interesting patterns on the paste.


Surface Building and Texture Creation: Zellen White Modelling Paste is ideal for building up surfaces and creating textured elements in artworks. It allows artists to add dimension and tactile interest to their pieces.

Impasto Techniques: The paste is excellent for impasto techniques, allowing artists to create thick, raised areas in their paintings for a visually striking effect.

Suitable Surfaces: The modelling paste can be applied to any semi-porous surface, such as canvas or 300gsm paper that can handle the weight of the paste. 

Zellen White Modelling Paste is a valuable medium for artists seeking to add texture and dimension to their artwork. It provides opportunities for experimentation and creativity, allowing artists to mold and shape the paste to suit their artistic vision.
As with any art medium, proper usage and experimentation will lead to the best results.

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