Faber-Castell 4 PITT Artist Pens Sepia

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Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pens - High quality pen sets feature rich and brilliant Black, Sepia or Sanguine China ink that is both permanent and lightfast. The beautiful tones will inspire you like no other pen before.

Four distinct tips provide you with serious tools for virtually every known drawing technique. The brush tip allows for fast and expressive strokes, while the three nylon reinforced harder tips (super fine, fine and medium) mimic technical pens in preciseness, but never skip and may be discarded after the ink is exhausted.

Fineliner Set of 4 - Includes pens with Extra Superfine (0.1mm), Superfine (0.4mm), Fine (0.6mm) & Medium (0.8mm) nibs.In reusable plastic pouch.

Wallet Sets of 4 - Each set includes pens with Superfine (0.4mm), Fine (0.6mm), Medium (0.8mm), and Brush tips in your choice of ink color. In reusable plastic pouch.

Wallet Set of 8 - Includes eight pens, one of each of the following: Extra Super Fine, Super Fine, Fine, Medium, Brush, Chisel, Extra Soft Brush and 1.5mm Bullet nibs in a reusable plastic pouch. Black India ink.

Extra Super Fine Set of 10- Pigmented India ink that is both acid-free and archival (PH neutral). Smudgeproof and waterproof when dry. Our ink contains the highest quality pigments for unsurpassed lightfastness. Perfect for sketches, journals, cartooning and fine-ink drawings, scrapbooking and rubber-stamping. For best results, pens should be stored horizontally.
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